Adventures with a Flatpick
by Chris Newman

Available in both print and digital formats.

ISBN 1-873077-02-5 (Print edition)

Standard: Intermediate to Advanced.

38 pages.

Published in 2001, this book contains guitar transcriptions (in normal notation and tablature) of Chris’s best-known pieces. Several of them, including the celebrated Mathematician, are to be found one of his solo CDs, Fretwork. His carefully-worked fingerings and cleverly-designed preparatory exercises bring this wonderful music within reach of the intermediate-level player for the first time and will be immensely illuminating for the more advanced player.

In the course of Chris’s touring career with Máire and with Boys of the Lough, he’s given workshops and masterclasses throughout Europe and North America and some of his most-requested teaching material appears in this book.

You can download a sample exercise and a sample tune from here.


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Contents of Adventures with a Flatpick

Several technical exercises plus the following tunes: McAuliffe's; The Mathematician; Wellington's Reel; A Sore Point; Spike Island Lassies; The Spey in Spate; Fretwork; The Last Resort; The Eclipse; Stroll On!; The Hurricane; The Albatross Waltz

About Adventures with a Flatpick

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ISBN 1-873077-02-5
(Print edition)

Published by Old Bridge Music, 2001.

38 pages.

Standard: Intermediate to Advanced.






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